Current Coaches

Ron Espinola, (, Coach
Coach Espinola graduated from La Grande High School in 1988 where he played high school and American Legion baseball.  His was primarily a catcher although he also played second base and outfield.  He has coached at the Little League level and also coached at La Grande High School before moving to Winnemucca and coaching here since 1998. He is also an assistant coach for Winnemucca's Summer Baseball Team when he can also be found as an umpire at the Sports Complex.   His highlights while coaching in Winnemucca have been qualifying for Zone in 1998, assisting with the Senior League All Stars the same year, and the first winning season for the the Summer Team in 2002.

Favorite Team: New York Yankees
Favorite Player: all time,  Don Mattingly--current, Derek Jeter
Favorite Quote: "I’d walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball." ~Pete Rose


Scott Gilligan, (, Coach
Scott GilliganCoach Gilligan is the head coach at Spring Creek High School


Wil Cooney, Coach 2012, 2014-2015
Coach Cooney is a JV coach at Lowry High School and assists with both the A and B teams.

Todd Milton, 2015-Present
Coach Milton serves as an assistant with the B team.

Mark Ferreira, 2014-Present
Coach Ferreira has served as an assistant with both the A and B teams.

Past Coaches

Zac Widmer, Coach
Coach Widmer is the JV coach at Spring Creek High School.

Don Walton 2007-2009
Don Walton

Coach Walton graduated from Harrison High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1971. He was a first baseman on the baseball team. His most memorable experience in high school was batting against Goose Gossage during a game in his junior year. "I watched three hard fastballs whiz by me like virtually everyone else on the team." He was a catcher on the baseball team at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. " At Mines, academics came first, athletics were a strong second.  We played sports for a diversion from a very tough curriculum at a very good school."  He has coached at the Little League level for several years as his two sons have gone through the program.  Most people recognize him as an umpire that has worked at the youth and high school level for twenty years.  "Working in the mining industry, umpiring was the way I stayed in contact with the game. Teaching has given me the opportunity to spend more time coaching young kids in a game that has treated me well for a number of years."  Coach Walton is excited to have the opportunity to coach young men at the junior varsity level. He hopes to provide a positive link between a player's Little League career and his varsity experience by providing consistency with the varsity program.

Favorite team: New York Yankees
Favorite player: Hank Aaron
Favorite quote: "The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team."~ John Wooden 


Pat Donovan 2013-2014
Coach Donovan is an assistant A and B Team coach.


Sean Doyle 2013
Coach Doyle is an assistant B Team coach.


Dave Enochson, 1998-2003

Jeremey Etchemendy, 2014
Coach Etch graduated from Spring Creek High School before playing college baseball. He also coached at Wisconsin Plattville and serves as a varsity assistant at Spring Creek.

Bryan Hutchison, Coach 2011
Coach Hutchison is the Asst Varsity coach at Spring Creek High School.


Tim Kieber 2002-2005


Chad Maczka 2002-2006


Benny Martinez


Tony Martinez


Brian Noble 2014
Coach Noble assited with the A team. He is a Lowry graduate and played collegiately at Whitworth College.


Cameron White 2000-2004


James Williams 2012
Coach Williams is an assistant coach at Lowry High School and the head B team coach.